Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our approach to servicing Skilled Nursing Facilities is second to none. As a member of WHCA (Washington Health Care Association) we are committed to your success by delivering substantial savings and superior service. Schedule your free custom savings analysis today! 877-269-0405
Top 10 reasons for Skilled Nursing Facilities to partner with Sound Oxygen Service:

1. Substantial Savings: We bill Medicaid directly for respiratory care.  Washington is one of the five states that allow a provider to bill oxygen/CPAP directly to DSHS.  This can be a major cost savings if your current provider is not doing this completely.  Often some or all DSHS patients fall through the cracks and are billed to you. This cost you an average of $1,200 per patient, per year. Unlike our competitors, we manage the billing of DSHS oxygen costs.

Additional savings come from our rent-to-purchase program on concentrators. Purchasing allows you to depreciate the value of these capital assets.

2. Superior Service/Free Deliveries/Space Saving: We own our own filling stations and only use aluminum tanks for portable O2.  We make frequent free deliveries and manage the portable oxygen at each facility.  Tanks are stored in accordance with existing fire codes. Frequent deliveries reduce the amount of storage required and prevent you from running out.  By using tanks instead of liquid, we bill DSHS for the portable portion of the oxygen used by DSHS versus Medicare and private pay patients. Facilities that use liquid can choose to continue for their non-DSHS patients.

3. Simplified Billing: We send one, short bill each month to each location.  We simplify the bill to make it easy to determine what is due and to provide easy allocation for your accounting staff.

4. Professional & Clinical Support: We ensure proper treatment of each patient by assigning expertly trained respiratory personnel to you facility.

5. Better Patient Care: We provide free over night oximertry tests for any patient that is having trouble sleeping or anyone whom your staff suspects may have an oxygen shortage.  By finding patients that need oxygen at night, you can reduce your staff’s workload and provide better patient care.

6. Less Energy Consumption: We use AirSep Quiet 5 & Respironics Everflow Q as our main concentrators.  These machines use 1/3 less energy than any other concentrators on the market.  This lower energy use results in about $15 electricity savings per machine per month.

7. Less Noise: These concentrators are so quiet that you can put one in any room.  Your staff will no longer have to move and juggle patients around to accommodate a patient using a disruptive, noisy concentrator.

8. Live 24/7 Support: We provide a 24/7 live person emergency number.  Your staff can call at any time and talk to a person to help them deal with any respiratory issue.  If the person cannot handle your problem on line they will find someone who can.  You never need to worry about leaving a voice message and hope that someone might call back.

9. Disaster Response: In a major power outage, which affected about 1.5 million people earlier this year, we demonstrated our effective disaster response.  No SOS patient ran out of oxygen at any time even though some people were out of power for a week.  We work with your facilities to help them prepare for and deal with natural occurrences that may disrupt the flow of oxygen.

10. Partnership with You: Sound Oxygen understands that change is not always accepted in a skilled nursing facility.  We also understand that good administrators and DNS’s are hard to come by.  Our approach involves taking the time and effort to obtain buy-in from both the administrator and the DNS at each facility prior to transition.  This approach creates a good ongoing relationship and makes for a smooth transition.

These 10 reasons have made us one of the largest SNF oxygen partners in Washington State. Call us to see how much your facility can save and how your service can improve! 877-269-0405